Zhengzhou Liseron Oil Pump & Nozzle Co., Ltd is engaged in core parts of diesel fuel injection system field for more than 20 years, and mainly producing and selling injector nozzle, fuel pump plunger, delivery valve etc.  Liseron has its own production and processing base, top 5 axis CNC m...
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The company has its own production plant has the top 5 axis CNC machining, precision 5 dimensional inspection instrument, chemical analysis of materials, apparatus, instrument p...

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Tel:+86-371- 88881753
Fax:+86-371- 88881752
Address: No.129 Changjiang Rd,Zhengzhou,China
Product Name:DLLA155P179
Product Name:DLLA150P224
Product Name:D6114 INJECTOR
Product Name:ALLA150P225
Product Name:A737 PLUNGER
Product Name:131154-3220
Product Name:105017-1860 P T
Product Name:334 BOSCH BONNE
Product Name:9 512 370 409 S
Product Name:hydraulic distr
Product Name:pilot valve
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