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High Pressure Common Rail System Features and Compositions


High Pressure Common Rail System Features: 

1. Adjustable injection pressure freely (common rail pressure control) 

2. Adjust fuel injection quantity freely
3. Adjust fuel injection time freely
4. Adjust injection rate freely
5. Higher injection pressure 
6. Injection pressure is similar with actual working condition 
7. Compared with other electronic control diesel injection system, electronic control
    high pressure common rail system has high economic and technical advantages 
8. More control parameters, more precise control
9. Power performance, Economy, Exhaust purification performance are good 
10. Small fluctuations in oil pressure system 
11. Controlled by high-speed electromagnetic switch valve, high control sensitivity 
12. Wide application
13. High system cost, high maintenance cost
The composition of the high pressure common rail system

Liseron common rail system